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How would you like to move forward?

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Adria has over 2000 hours of counselling sessions and more than 25 years combined experience working with clients in person and online. You can feel rest assured that your session will be focussed on supporting you, your needs, your healing and cultivating your dreams.

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Counselling is right for you if:

You are ready to move through limiting beliefs and self talk

Have been feeling anxious or depressed and want to shift

Need support to cultivate the relationships you deserve

You are ready to heal trauma and feel more whole

Need support in your fertility journey

Are grieving the loss of someone or a dream and dont want to feel allone in it

You are ready to break through limiting self talk and negative patterns

Would like to know your boundaries and learn skills to feel whole

Are ready to build more meaningful connections in your life

Would like to live a more whole and fulfilling life

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